Friday, July 25

How did I get here

well as I am fairly new to this sharing my life :-) this may take some time for me to find my groove. I remember when I was just a young girl I saw this movie about the yukon and the trappers and all the struggles they had to over come. this show was dedicated to man whos name I now have forgottn but a face I can still see. his eyes were full, they had seen so many things his gace was weathered from time and the earths elements he stood in his picture with his line of animal pelts he was not a handsome man but he stood so proud of all he acheived throughout the winter.

behind him was a old cabin it was made of logs that not even in one spot. and were filled in between each log with something I did not know a organic material I think. and in behind that was the most wonderful place I had ever seen the trees were massive the were so full they seem to tower the ground and earth itself. the sky looked so different to the one I look up and see now. even though I know it is the same.

from that old black and white photo and his story made me feel like I was there and I could almost smell the spring air.
that was the moment I knew that that was the only place I would ever truly feel at peace at home with myself and my life.

so that is where it all begun from one picture one story and one little girl seeing the wilderness calling her.

I do not think I will be bale to write here daily but I would like to share the moments big or small that I have the great privlage to expereince. this is my life my life I have chossen for me my family and my world.

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