Monday, September 13

frost and training

well itis 0 when I woke up this morning. the leaves are already starting to change and the dogs are start to howl more than ever they are ready to get out and run. this is a hard time of year for us as the hunters start to come out and play and I have to change the route of our training. I try and take them along the highway now to avoid any conflict with hunters. the trails are thick with underbrush this year and there are too many chances we could run into problems so off along the highway we go.

I will take the team out to my aunts house she is only 18km there and back but it seems the dogs use up more energy when we run the highway, they are focused more on what is going on around them more than getting into the grove and running. but we will run them today if my handler comes over.

it is a exciting time of year here for us and I am excited to get the miles on the dogs.

well I am off to feed and get things ready. so I will try and update tonight after chores but I think we will have a nice well balanced solid team this year.


Monday, August 30

we are under water

well the rain just keeps coming. the dog yard is filling up quick and the mud is outrageous. I am going down to see if the local store has any wood chips yet and if they do I may sprinkle some down on the ground to soak up some of the mud.

well after the weather update LOL we got most of the dog houses up on the pallets for winter to allow them goo access to the door when the snow starts falling just a few more to go and we will have most of the yard done.I have yet to finish the puppy pen in the dog yard I am in no panic as they are not quite old enough to put out with the big boys and girls yet. I had my handler out here and she did amazing we took out a team and had some issues with commands etc and a few tangles but over all it was a good run we only went about 12km. if the weather keeps up we can get some good miles on the dogs this year. I hope to have them by xmas at about 70km non stop full run and pull.

so far tash my handler is hanging in there and not too scared of the chaos of the hook up we took out 12

so far the team I am looking at for the main string
dylan Sid
kazna bugsy
denali sarah
shilo zelan
belle halo
rouge polar

and the rest still have to be evaluated after the summer break so we will take a small team out and see how they do Whitey had a injury this summer and if he is healed enough I am excited to put him as a lead on my handlers team. I wish they never had to get old and we could keep them forever on the main string it is hard to let them go and replace them on the line..guilt sets in and I miss them being there with me. we grow to depend on them all so much.

anyhow that is it from me I am off to town to find shavings for the yard

Saturday, August 28

sick cold and raining

well today I am still battling a cold with no end in site. I crawled out of bed this morning and rayed to have my head stop pound nose running and throat hurting ....but it was not until mid morning did I even think I could go training.

but with a bit of encouragement from my husband I put on winter gear and dressed as warm as I could and headed outside. the dogs were full of spunk today. I had to run some new dogs to the line to see how they would make out. turns out I will not run cuddles again she is at her retirement I think she still has the desire to run but not far and not at any great speed.

shawnee crashed today on her first run. not totally but she was just o out of shape she could not make the short distance we were running. I will not rule her out yet as she did well on the runs last year so I will give her a few tries again this year. but so far I only have 2 spots to fill for my 12 dog team and 5 to choose from so slim pickings here for extras.

but I am sure we can get our miles up quick this year I am pushing them harder than I have before and most seem to respond very well to it. so I hope to be running to the cabin and back by the end of this month which will be 70 odd kms that would be nice to have those miles on them before the snow hits and we move to the sled

it has been raining none stop and the trails are filled with mud and water it was the first time for some of the pups to have to run right through the puddles vrs around them ...that was funny to watch finally they all caved and just ran through it. I hope the next obstacle will as easy.

that is all for now I am going to bed to nurse my head and dream of the trail and things to come

Sunday, August 22

the new pup on the team

well it was a bit warm to run but I headed out last night with a small team to run a pup and get a few back in stride.

I was thrilled that shilo the 1 year old has taken to sledding so much tail up and pulling his little heart out he did so well.

this was his second time in harness and the first time he showed signs of stress and I was not sure how he would respond to running this time. I put him next to a experienced dog and that seemed to make the difference for him he relaxed and just enjoyed the trip. so he has shown me his abilities to run now we just need to see if he can make distances as well.

our new Alaskan pups are growing like weeds and are full of beans they do not walk anywhere they run. I no longer could keep up to them walking so now I am taking them out by the quad. they are running their little hearts out at about 15km/hr already they are fast little girls and one in particular shows signs of extreme determination for running. so we will have to see how she does online. one little one likes to hang out with me all the time I am not sure if she just wants my company or she is not fast enough to keep up with the others, again we will watch and see what they are all up to.

I took out a young girl with me that works for me at the grooming shop and I am not sure if she is interested anymore in sledding perhaps more of a phase LOL...the noise gets a bit crazy for some people and either you love it or you hate it. I do think she is looking for ward to the sled and snow before she makes a comment.

so it was a quick run last night but it was fun. next time I want to take out some girls as well and get some weight off of them they blossomed over the summer :-(

well that is it for now I will chat later