Friday, July 25

Just today

well I have had a kennel for close to 10 years now. and over these years I have had so many wonderful experiences. I have seen puppies born and grow. babies turn to adults and adults turn to friends.

I have always wanted to share with my dogs this amazing experience of sledding and all that comes with it. I am living my dream with so many wonderful dogs here at our home I have all I have ever wanted. but it drains on my heart sometimes and drains on my body. today I struggled to get outside I was so busy taking time for myself on the computer and catting with friends I was dreading heading out.

but once outside the dogs called to me and I happily came to them I had to clean the kennel feed and water today my daughter was helping she had been in the kennel before me watering them like normal she started at the one side of the kennel and worked her way back. she is such a good girl she tries so hard and sometimes I wish I would tell her more how much she does and how wonderful I think she is. so as she watered and pulled around the 300 ft hose her sister helped her move it around the trees.

I wanted to move around some dogs today as things were feeling a bit tense in the kennel it was like things may be coming I do not want wait too long and have problems. right now the puppies are just on edge the 2 boys are fighting to be alpha and neither one is going to win as they are even in everything. so as my daughter watered I sat down on a old wood stump and scanned the kennel trying to figure out how I would solve this with out having to move everyone. each time I move a dog the kennel is in a uproar trying to get used to the new changes.

so finally I decide that if I made one kennel smaller and used those chain link panels into the puppy pen I could separate the boys from the girls and then add in a bigger older puppy to settle the battle.

so knowing I would be hurting after moving all f this I get up and start undoing the clasps that hold the panels together I have over the years figured out a way to move all the panels myself. so I finishes moving dog house and getting ready to put up the new panels in the puppy pen. this is not hard but awkward. while trying to lift these panels over into the pen I have to deal with puppies all over me tryin to get some love. I finaally get the panels down with 8 puppies fighting over who gets to lick my toes :-)

so I got the panels up and clasped to each other and now have to go and get some more fence to lay down as a dig guard they now are separated for the first time and they are not liking it at all.
I hate laying the dig guards I always walk out after like I ran through a line of barbwire in war time. it would have just be so much easier to just put the dogs in a big open area but I wanted them to have the shade of the trees, and this makes everything I do 10 times harder as I am working around LOTS of trees.

so now Iam all done and ready to place in the sawdust I like to put sawdust bedding the puppy pens as they do not go poo in one spot yet and it makes for easier clean up and I find it easy to bleach the kennel. it is so hot today and I feel completely drained. my daughter is done watering everyone now and is trying to help me move in the huge garbage bags full of sawdust. I love this part they get so excited when I dump the sawdust they run around jumping and diving into the piles and sniffing all the new smells. a birthday gift almost. I had to move around some of the house and got all the puppies separated which proved to be harder than I thought as they have gotten so big and can run so fast now LOL. they love the new game keep away but in the end can not resist a yummy treat.

I was holding off putting inthe big puppy I knew it would mean fights and other issues but I have no choice at this time, they are not listening to me when I tell them to stop and then the only other option I have is to separate or let another dog show them what they can and can not do.

so off I go and I get the big boy I put him in the kennel and then the race begins. around and around they go chasing and tumbling and playing I am so glad the first moment was good. as I am aware that at feeding time I will have issues that is when the boys fight. I had to finish the other chores before I fed we filled the sled with all the poo we had picked I decided to count today to see how many buckets went int the sled24 5 gallon buckets of poo and stick clean out of the kennels every day we do the same amount.

after a short break it was feeding time. the kennel was quiet until they saw me reach for the red bucket, they all know that is the feeding bucket and then kennel once quiet now screamed with excitement they ran around jumping and barking and screaming in the anticipation of feeding.
I filled 3 5 gallon buckets with food and started with the puppies , and to my amazement all went smooth, the little boys tried to steal from the other bowl but the older puppy soon put them in their place. and it all went smooth I think I choose the right boy to put in with them.
so now I am 3 hours into chores and feeding and we are done in the dog yard. now it is time for the horses.

still bloody hot at about 30c it was getting hotter. my back is hurting now I think I may have lifted those panels wrong, oh well on to the next chores. the horses have been battling the flies so bad this year and have rub marks on there fave and neck we have to every morning and every night put on special cream to keep the flies away and this is proving very hard as the one horse is hard to catch to put on the medicine. after a bit of a chase and a few choice words we had max in a halter and put on the cream his wounds are healing really well I am so happy I was dreading the vet bill if I had to try and load him in the trailer and take him to town. so I put together some old straw (wet) and some hay and wood and put it all in the barrel I have out in the corral.started it on fire put on the lid and the smoke barreled out. the horse ran to the smoke and enjoyed the fly free area.

crap now I have emails to attend to and booking to book and supper and now the kids are begging to get into the pool. my day is not yet done and my body is so tired.

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