Friday, August 8

All about me

hhahahaha yes it is always about me LOL well that is what I feel anyhow.

so who is this lady who is trying so hard to achive this personal feat. Just me some know me as needtosled some as sibes some as mom and friend.bust mostly I am me.

I was born in a small community in northern Canada and was welcomed by a mother a father and a big brother. loving home loving family and goals and dreams that if took hold could change the world.

I have always loved animals I found their quiet strength so appealing they calmed the internal beast as I call it. growing up I had always felt a urge to do more to challenge myself and always wanting more and needing more. as the world seem so vast and exciting but I did not want to fly to Paris or Rome....I wanted to have adventures and see the small parts of the world that I had to work to find. if it was just set in front of me sure I was grateful but.........I wanted more.

I started my life young I had my best child hood friend a lab shep cross from the spca and we became instant friends and I made a harness and hooked him up and started the path to were I am now.. I never thought that silly ol dog would inspire me to do what I do now.

so in a nut shell I am a mother of wonderful children and a wife to a caring man and the friend to 53 wonderful Siberian huskies each I love for there individual ways thoughts and being.the first time I felt the rush of the dogs pulling the sled beneath my feet it was it was the feeling I longed for. I could see the bond between the dogs and I and the power they held and the strength we were as a team. and that was it that was who I was, that is what I was going to be, and who until that moment I searched for.

I am a musher

so yep this is all about me LOL I can not be certain I will ever reach all the goals and dreams I aspire to but I will sure enjoy life trying.

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