Friday, August 8

Getting ready to shop for the race

not as fun as I thought

so here I sit glued to my computer, trying to search for the best winter boot I can so that I do not injure my feet while out onthetrail. I know many mushers swear by soreal and baffin but after talking to a friend that ran long distance I am convinced they are just not what I need. I heard too many time of toes being frost bitten and to tell you the truth I am a bit scared to attempt wearing them so I have been goodling up a storm trying to figure out what I am going to do. and then I came across these boots I am sure they have been used on the rod and quest races and with some great success. I have posted a link to what they look like and a bit of info on them.

Although the soreals which I own now are great in cold weather I still get the toes cold in very cold temp atures. I want to have 2 pairs of boots ones that may not take the extreme colds as well but ones that I can move around in as I like to run with the dogs as much as I can. google extreme weather micky mouse boots

I am convinced it is the up most importance to stay warm and not to stress the body anymore than I have to on this race. I will be taking along most survival gear I have been told it is not really it just weighs down the sled but I am going to take it anyways. my dogs are going to be training with lots of weight anyhow as I plan to use the dogs for sledding tours as well as racing I just do not have enough dogs to leave a 12 dog team out. I ma starting to panic a bit trying to get all the things I need for this race here the cost is adding up so quick and I am not sure if I am going to be able to afford this. but I am not going to let this run me down as I still have a few months to some how earn the extra money for the trip Items required
Headlamp (working) recommend 2 2x50.00 100.00
Knife 1 25.00
Sleeping bag (winter or arctic weight 1 300.00
Axe (minimum of 2 1/4 lb. head and 22 inches in length) 1 15.00
Cable cutter 1 22.00
Waterproof matches or a lighter 4x12.00 48.00
snowshoes 1 159.00
First aid kit 1 24.00
2 sets of booties (8) for each dog 96x.80 76.80
Harnesses (special made) 24x22.00 548.00
Cable tether for check points 12 section 50.00
Cable filled gangline 15 section 28.00
Dog bag for sled 1 200.00
Sled upgrade 200.00
Specialty arctic boots 180.00
Specialty mitts and thermal underware 140.00
Gas for trip 300.00
Entry fee 350.00
Specialty winter cooker 120.00
Ropes cables and tie downs 100.00
Clasps quick links and misc hardware 50.00
Total cost 3035.80

So I have the winter jacket it is big an bulky and I do not like it at all I know that it will keep me warm though when the winds whip up and take away my breath. I have organized to borrow my fathers $700.00 sleeping bag it is special design for arctic weather.I have a pair of snow shoes I refuse to buy the new styles and the new fashion I have opted to go with the old style wooden ones because it really does not matter the version of them just that they will work.

if I have to use them I think they are fantastic I will sit and dust them and imagine in the years past the many trappers and mail runners attacking the winds and blizzards and fighting nature to survive. ya I know a bit too much fantasy LOL, but this whole experience for me is not just a race it is a personal is my way of proving to those ol guys that I have what it takes to have been what they were true northern runners.

I have decided to use my aluminum sled for the race I have to get my husband to make a few adjustments to the sled before I go as I know it is hard to steer with 8 dogs and I did run it once with 12 and because I had my heavies on there we went at crazy speeds and a bit hard to control. not cruise control on that sled LOL. I could take the other sled but it is so much more bulky yes it drives itself but it turns the corners terrible and I am not going to fight every Corner in the race and handle the 12 dogs.

the list is growing of things I need to get done before fall training and I hope I can get some help I have to make sure I get to the dog box before fall I have to sand it down and repaint it and because I have to haul more dogs I have to make a addition on the back to add another 8 dogs. I was also informed to toady by my husband I have to put another Axel on their before I am able to drive out of this yard. So off online again to try and find axles I might as well replace the other while I am at it. The cost is growing fast and I hope I can talk with my uncle and he can help me by lending me his staff welder to do the job.

I may try and build the dog box myself but I am not sure I have the skill to do that. I will have to talk more with my husband on that as I do not want to burden him with doing any of this it was all I could do to to convince him to let me go. ahhhh I feel like my head is spinning trying to make sure I have all the gear that is mandatory and still doing everything else I have to. the reason I find this such a battle is not only do I have to train my own team I have the whole kennel to train and I have yearlings that need to go on line this year and IHAVE to do that right I do not want issues arising because I did not have the time to make adjustments.

so now I am swimming in the thoughts of the race and my stomach is getting a bit tipsy :-) here I am a woman a mother and a dog sledder but now I have to be more than that I am racing beside some of the most amazing mushers and I have to prove my worth as just not a commercial musher having fun on the trails I have to prove my worth as a musher and handler. and Even though I know I am able to that the doubts creep in every now and then and make we wonder if I can really do this.
well I guess no point is worrying now I will try and close my eyes and think about the tours and finishing all the stuff I need too. whew thanks for listening :-)I should go to bed becaue I haveto get up with the kids bright and early my husband is off to work and I have so many things to do

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Good Luck with your race and I can't wait to hear all about it.