Monday, August 11

so I go as the wind blows

well tonight I have decided I will continue to make my harnesses I will try and make arrangements with my uncle to have me use his industrial sewing machine. I do not want to risk having the stitching pull out along the trail and have loose dogs.

I am very happy withmy design and I basically copied it off of the harnesses I have now. I have decided to make 16 harnesses special padding and reflective tape. this gives me 4 extra harnesses for the trail just in case something happens.

so tomorrow I am off to town to get a few more supplies to have the material handy to sew. with the way things are going I find myself still up at 3:00am trying to make lists and plans for the next day or sewing as the kids are asleep and not needing me to help them withthings or demand my every moment for attention.

today was a good day though I got the one dog moved to his new kennel and his de worming pill was a success. well him taking it anyhow, I try and trick them into thinking it is a treat and they already have it chewed and swallowed before they realise it is not a treat but a yucky pill :-)

I have a list of all the dogs here in the kennel that will start off training as we go along some will shine more than others and far more with all the training and the list will shorten on who will make the team. but it really works well for all as then I have enough miles on the dogs that do not make the team to do tours.

Yes tours somewhere in all of this I have to get ready for guests to our kennel to take their adventures. this is something I have to do that is a bit extra than most mushers racing. othermushers have the advantage of only having to train one team for the season. I onthe other hand have to have 4-7 teams up and ready and trained just as well or better than the racing teams as they need to have some more manners than what racingteams need to have.

do not get me wrong I am not complaining at all. I love doing this job I love working with my dogs I love all that is involved with it. as thi really defines me as a person who I am and my dogs reflect me as a owner and trainer and person. Sometimes when I say all the things I do here out loud I tend to ask myself what in the hell was I thinking LOL and then I just shrug my shoulders and move on.

it seems I will be searching for that arctic Jacket I will need for cold temps as well as the fur mitts that have been recommended to me. I will go on ebay tommorow night if I get the chance. but for right now I have to try and stay focused on what I have planned. and that is get all the materials for the harneses and all the materials for the booties. when I finsh that task I can move on tot making the cable ganglines. and then after that the Custom sled bag I will need for the sled for racing.

but I forgot about most of that today as the kids and I went walkabout. we got in the truck and went for a drive to get some air and visit with friends and family I have not seen in some time. so another day that I did not get much done but baby stepped it along.I did not start the fireplace like I had wanted to but I am hoping to get out and do alot of this when My husband is on days off he maybe can help with that nasty tree int he dog yard and help me finish fencing the outer rim of the dog yard.

so my list tomorrow is shopping I hope I will be able to find the material for the booties as it should not take much time at all to cut them out and get them sewn up. that would be nice to have all 98 done tomorrow. crap almost forgot I have to get more dog food tommorow and start adding in the new dog food for fall weather is coming and training if I had to guess by the dogs is about 2-3 weeks away they are starting to get moving now in the kennel not so happy to sleep away the summer sun.

so I guess it is off to bed for me and to try and get up early and get these things done. so cross fingers all goes well but I just go as the wind takes me these days :-)

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