Thursday, October 2

night of craziness

well were to start :-(

I had a feeling it was going to be a long night when the neighbours dogs kept coming over and barking and getting the dogs howling.

every hour or so the dogs would start to howl and I would turn on the dog yard lights and go and check on everyone. I have a couple of litters of pups now at the age to explore and try and test their boundaries. so I guess at about 3:00am after being out every 1/2 hour or hour I was getting frustrated no one had escaped but the yard was acting up and they were all upset.

I had decided that I was indeed not going to get back to sleep so I let out my yard dog to go to the bathroom and the yorkies and started a coffee. not 15 mins later I hear the uproar int he kennel again this time the yorkies are barking and very upset and my yard dog was coming to get me. I knew we had a problem. I stumbled around the house trying to get on my shoes as quickly as possible as my yard dog was growing frantic barking running back and forth to me and then to the kennel. this behavior I knew we had a dog that had got out. this was never a good thing if they had escaped out the back of the kennel that meant they were running free in the yard and the possibilities were scary they had access to the trails and the bush. and that Idea quickened my movements I had to get out and see who is out.

so stumbling inthe dark to get to the kennel I see the shadow of 2 dogs and then soon I see them running towards me only getting close enough to say hi. after about 1/2 I caught them and they were the pups one being about 8 months old the other is about 4 months both in the same kennel they had found the one area I did not put down a dig guard. so getting them back in the dog yard and putting them back in the pen I turn and look where they had got out .yup I see the hole not big but they both had squeezed out.

so as a temp fix until morning whenI can fix it I moved a dog house over to cover the hole. well I guess while they were busy digging the puppies next to them were watching and learning the ways to be bad. so I get in and pour a coffee sit down turn onthe t.v and start to enjoy the morning well darkness yet :-( and then it starts all over the dogs are screaming and howlingand I know it is happening again. so again I put on the gear and run out the door , I am thinking what in the earth is wrong with these dog tonight. I go to see who it is well now I have 2 dogs out again this time a little puppy from the kennel and the same older puppy. so off I go to gather the troops and again I move a dog house to cover the area of trouble and back they go. so I am positive this is the last of my adventurous night


so back in the house I go and sit down and start to make some food and then the yorkies start barking again. so no I am getting mad this is crazy I have not had this much problems in some time. and I go and see yep it is the same older puppy seems he has figured out that if he stands on the dog house that I moved next to the fence to hide the hole he can simply jump over. so I get him back inthis time I leave him in the community pen for the night due to the fact I am not interested in going and chasing his yet again.

so at 6:00am I am now sitting here venting about the night I have had and tomorrow I will go and fix the pensso this does not happen again.

so that is all for this morning I may write more a bit later


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