Thursday, September 25

been walkabout

well I guess I have not written for a bit. things around here have been turned upside down between deaths in the family and the passing of a dear K-( friend we have been overwhelmed with upset.

I have been working very hard to finish the warming shack and I can finally say I am almost done. I must admit I have not been working steady on it I have taken time off to clean up the fallen trees in the yard and try and get our outhouse up.

I am almost ready now to start training I have been doing leash training with the dogs and general obedience recalls etc and that has been a nice change to the time schedule.

the girls here are in heat and I have been watching them like a hawk we have them seperate to the other dogs but I still want to be safe and watch. I have decided today to split up the pens onceagain and divide the big one into 2 smaller ones just to make feeding time less crazy and I have added another kennel beside the ones by the house I want to move over my old girls for winter and make sure they are safe from all the elements as their ages starts to show.

My handler is back in full force and is getting back into the swing of things and she is starting to train this year with the dogs. I will have to go out with her this time and show her again the way I would like them trained to refresh her memory. she is helping me with the puppies teaching them good manners and a social postives.

I went out for a small run the other day and was happy with all that is happening I do have to make sure I am seprating the dogs now as we have weight contorl going on now some of the dogs keep their weght well and are a bit over weight the others are a good weight and I do not want them over eati8ng and becoming to large to run in a healthy way.

I am looking forward to my vet coming out here in a couple of weeks I will have him do a once over on the kennel and look at all the dogs and kennel and tell me if I need to change any diets or add anything to help them even more.

so it has been a busy week and I know I have been promising pictures and they are coming I am just not wantting to take them just yet I would like for the warming shack and the wood to be finished and all the painting. so maybe next week I will upload some and you can have a look. but I guess it is time for bed for me a long day tommorow I have to rake out all the old shavings in the kennsl and replace them with new stuff so a long day.

until then happy mushing

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