Wednesday, October 22

today and nothing more

well this week has been a very busy week for me I have been busy trying to finish making the puppy dog houses. I can say I am done all the repairs and are ready for the straw. I know there will be minor repairs along the way but all is ready for the snow.

I am a bit behind on the dog box I have to make a larger dog box to carry all the dogs and I have the frame complete and tommorow I will start making the dividers in the middle I am hoping to get all that done in a couple of days. I have not been out too much recently but have been out walking the dogs doing leader training. lots that we have been doing and I hope to get pictures uploaded tonight my computer crashed and I have very little access to my pictures and information.

we have 2 solid teams put together now and are going to take some video of them next run. my handler will be out next time with me so we may hook up 16-20 dogs if we can get them all hooked up.

that will be exciting so I am going to be busy trying to get the ganglines and harnesses complete.

anyhow not much of a update but I will try and get back soon and finish


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