Thursday, November 6

getting ready

well we have been waiting for weeks trying to get the training started here. it has not been cool enough to get out with some of the dogs. we do have some heavier coatd dogs and we always get behind on there miles simply due to their coats.

but we got a chance to get out again last night and ran 23 km. we had yearlings on their so we did not want to push them too far. the pace was steady but as the first offical run of the season they did o.k.

I was really impressed with our old girl smokey ran soo well I never thought she would do as well she lead the team the whole way. I have a stopping spot for the dogs about 12km down the road which is nice that way I have a water fill up and a chance to continue further.

I have had to run the dogs along the highway due to it being hunting season when the hunting month is done we will be able to get out on the trails again and move our way up inthe miles to train to the cabin.the miles to the cabin is about 46km from our house so I hope to be able to get the dogs up to 50 km running easy 2 days in a row so that we can go up to the cabin stay over and run back the next day. of course we plan to up that to running to the cabin and back after a hort break.

we took out our young handler with us training and she is doing very well, she is able to keep up with the chaos at times and handles the dogs well when we have issues.The dogs really trust her and enjoy having her around as do I she is a hard worker and is very dedicated to animals and her future goal will be become a vet which I know she can do because she is a houner student and picks up thing easy.

so all and all she very well with the runs and we hope to have her maybe enter a few race this year with her own team. so I guess with the weather the way it is we will have to try and run mostly at night when it is at its coolest. so a few pictures to end this post and then we hope to post the info on the race coming up.


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