Saturday, November 8

28 km

well another day another mile my daughter and I got the dogs out on the trail again today and found we shaved off 45 mins from our time from last run. we also addded 5 more km to the run. most have do so well and are looking in good shape.

I had a new leader up front and ran belle and was amazed at her first run in lead for the whole 28km she ran with sam and they worked very well together. I am not sure if sam will end up on the team just due to his coat thick ness that may end up hindering us if we run into hot temps race time.

we have a nice 28km track now a spot where we can rest and get water for the dogs a good turn around point. I am hopeing to keep with this trail until we are runnign with no breaks and no stopping I hope to up the KM next week and then stay at that distance for the next week then run the same distance every day. then after that every second day add some more km.

so trainign has been going well and all are doing good. I will have to try and get the handler up and running to make sure the dogs left off the race team get just as much time spent with them and enough trainging time that they are in good shape for the tourist.

I am am really getting so excited now with each 5 km addition to the miles and as long As I can get them to 60km each day I will be happy to enter in the race.I have to train right now along the highway due to it being hunting season but this has some advantages I can push the dogs a bit harder know it is only a phone call to get the truck and dog box here to pick up a dog that is tired.

I can not be more proud of the dogs they are trying so hard and running as a team and I am soooo proud of them.

well that is all for tonnight Chat later


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