Monday, November 17


well we have made it to 38km today. not what we need to be at. This point of training I have had hoped to be at 45-50km but due to the weather I am limited to what miles I can do. I am trying to get out at about 4:00am to catch the cool weather. My dogs have thick coats and I do not want to push them too hard in the warm weather if I do I run the risk of them overheating. but with that said if I do not get my miles up I am not sure I am able to run the race.

we have a good selection of 16 dogs right now that I am running the 38km runs they are all doing it with easy and I hope to be able to choose 12 from the bunch for the race. I am really missin my leader this year and not only asking my dogs to run more miles faster but asking them to follow and trust a new leader. we have a couple of 10 year old dogs on the team and I am not sure at what point I ask them to stop but so far at this point they are running strong and doing the miles with ease so if I see any signs of them having enough I will drop them to the tour teams.

I am running a brand new leader this year and so far she shows amazing ability. She does however show signs of missing the bush trails and showing signs of being bored. every approach we come to along the highway she wants to turn down to hit the trails. But with a older staedy leader with her we have been able to curver her determination to get out tot the bush. I hope to run her this year in lead on the race but if we can not get over this desire to run bush we may end up having a problem.

so far so good though all are maintianing weight except on kerra is going to be ahrd girl to maintain and now has added extra fat to her diet to try and keep her weight up. not sure this will be good if she can not maintain a good weight if she can not I will not risk her heath in racing which is a shame because she is a amazing runner and have amazing lines she is young yet and perhaps a run next year will be better for her. but so far we are maintaining a good healthy weight.

so we have been having great runs and we are enjoying all of it and hope by dec to be able to run to the cabin in the bush it is 38km there and 38km back so we hope to run there in the morning stay over and be gone back on the trail by 5:00am and then rest a day and do it again like that for a week or so and then up the miles to running up there rest for a hour and then back home.

well enough bannter from me :-) I will try and update at another time
until then happy mushing


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