Thursday, November 20

a interesting run

.. so we decided to hook up 17 dogs yesterday. it was a grueling task trying to get all the dogs hooked up and have them stay calm enough to wait to run. I took a bit of a breather after I hooked them all up. and realized this was a very long team and I was running a couple of pups in there which I was a bit concerned if they would get lost and forgot along the trail while I delt with the others. it was a good run I was concerned I changed dog food a week ago and todays run was a bit sluggish we were slow running at aout 14km/hr and we had to cut the run short due to the lower speed. I do thing alot of it had to do with the the fact we had a few leader problems it was a :offday: as I call it when the whole run seems to go wrong. but we kept going and ventured along. I did how ever need to drop y older leader she just had some porblems today so I dropped her to the back and ran a single rookie leader and he did great.

so we finally had a cold day and it was not a great run. I think I will try and run 2 smaller teams each day and try and keep up the miles that way the bigger teams we tend to have more issues and our time and speed is compermised

well below are some pics enjoy the videos and pics and I will be back to update soon

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