Friday, August 21

Aug 21st 2009- the fall air calls

Well last year due to family restrictions and other factors I was unable to run a race.

this year I have taken some time off our tour program to make more time for training. I have a new list of dogs to take with me yearlings that have yet to be on harness. but With the loss of my main leader and friend and another of my main team I took the summer to mourn the loss of their passing.

so now we have said our goodbyes and started to move on to the future we grasp a fresh breath of air and wind here at the kennel. It is a exciting time for us here as we will have a chance to run our pups now a year and a half we sat patiently waiting for them to get big enough to run.

so with a starting work team of 22 we will start to train when the weather starts to cool. the list is made and the team is getting ready and we hope to get training in the next few weeks.

new to us here is the addition of a amazing training trail. so far the equipment is not yet complete but we can travel from our home along our trails about 10 km and meet up with the transcanada trail in our part of the town.

from their it looks like they have bout 10km finished and they are expanding it even further and they hope to be done by the end of summer, the first stage anyhow.

so a nice 35 km to my families cabin and 35km we are looking at a great trail to run on. no just a trail it has massive hills the dogs will have to over come and train on and I feel if they can make that run 35km there and back we will be ready to take on any race with confidence.

so I guess we are starting in a couple of weeks I hope to update as soon as I can..

....get ready it is almost time :-).........

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