Tuesday, October 20

Oct 2oth 2009

Well I guess I have not had the time to come and write down what has been happening. Life has taken us along a huge turn, with a new business started here I find myself overwhelmed with work and lack of time for anything.

the training time has to be scehduled in between school events bookings at work and daily chores at home.

so far I have been able to put the kids on the bus in the morning and get the dogs hooked up and out on training runs before back for chores and then to work.

we have been very impressed this year with the dogs and all the hard work they are putting into running we managed to get a nice 14 dog team put together a few dogs are possibly going to be dropped from the line and younger ones put on but at this stage I have a nice combination of young and older dogs.

I am trying to add a new leader to the team this year in years past we have had issues with the drive to keep going when they hit a wall and this year I have my alaskan in front who is not the brightest dog in the world LOL but is driven dedicated and willing and I am adding to the team a young yearling that I hope to make a big difference to m y team for speed and pacing.

so far we are training at about 30km a day I am trying to up that this week to maybe 40km if we can do that distance with the pace I need I will be at a stage where I can positivily say we can move forward and have the potential to be ready to race for feb.

but for now small runs in between work and family.

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