Monday, September 13

frost and training

well itis 0 when I woke up this morning. the leaves are already starting to change and the dogs are start to howl more than ever they are ready to get out and run. this is a hard time of year for us as the hunters start to come out and play and I have to change the route of our training. I try and take them along the highway now to avoid any conflict with hunters. the trails are thick with underbrush this year and there are too many chances we could run into problems so off along the highway we go.

I will take the team out to my aunts house she is only 18km there and back but it seems the dogs use up more energy when we run the highway, they are focused more on what is going on around them more than getting into the grove and running. but we will run them today if my handler comes over.

it is a exciting time of year here for us and I am excited to get the miles on the dogs.

well I am off to feed and get things ready. so I will try and update tonight after chores but I think we will have a nice well balanced solid team this year.


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