Monday, August 30

we are under water

well the rain just keeps coming. the dog yard is filling up quick and the mud is outrageous. I am going down to see if the local store has any wood chips yet and if they do I may sprinkle some down on the ground to soak up some of the mud.

well after the weather update LOL we got most of the dog houses up on the pallets for winter to allow them goo access to the door when the snow starts falling just a few more to go and we will have most of the yard done.I have yet to finish the puppy pen in the dog yard I am in no panic as they are not quite old enough to put out with the big boys and girls yet. I had my handler out here and she did amazing we took out a team and had some issues with commands etc and a few tangles but over all it was a good run we only went about 12km. if the weather keeps up we can get some good miles on the dogs this year. I hope to have them by xmas at about 70km non stop full run and pull.

so far tash my handler is hanging in there and not too scared of the chaos of the hook up we took out 12

so far the team I am looking at for the main string
dylan Sid
kazna bugsy
denali sarah
shilo zelan
belle halo
rouge polar

and the rest still have to be evaluated after the summer break so we will take a small team out and see how they do Whitey had a injury this summer and if he is healed enough I am excited to put him as a lead on my handlers team. I wish they never had to get old and we could keep them forever on the main string it is hard to let them go and replace them on the line..guilt sets in and I miss them being there with me. we grow to depend on them all so much.

anyhow that is it from me I am off to town to find shavings for the yard

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