Sunday, July 27

dogs I have chosen to race with me

these are some of the dogs that I have chossen to try out for the race team I have to choose 14 and can only on the day run 12 but have to take 14

Main leader Alaskan Husky
Smokie is 8 years old and is my main gee haw command leader. She is smart bold and is fast.
Leader in training, bugs is the speed of this team and he is learning well from smoky and will keep the endurance up for the team
Siberian Husky
Chewy is the new guy in the kennel and has runthis race before he is a bit crazy but has the energy needed to do the miles
Siberian Husky
He is a young boy with no race experience but he is dedicated and has the lines and drive to finish the race
Siberian husky
This boy has pure drive and strength he runs anywhere but I can see him in lead on the last stretch of the race he runs strong until the end
Alaskan Husky
From a racing kennel belle is a great leader or swing she has proven to be able to have the ability for the miles and I can see great things from her she is still very young
Siberian Husky
This girl is a amazing speed demon this will be her first trip for distance but I am sure she is going to do great
Siberian Husky
Sally is older but has racing experience and lots of spunk she is out going and determined and very stable and steady very much a must on the team
Alaskan Husky
This girl is a very sensible outgoing girl she will be new to the miles but I have faith in her
Siberian Husky
The silent wonder this is a strong boy you never have to talk to he is fast and will be new to the miles of this race
Alaskan Husky
This is a steady boy that can do the miles he may not enjoy the pace but I am sure he will pick it up trained in lead but will go anywhere
Siberian Husky
She is spunky and can runlead as long we are not along trails with squirells ro game as she is a hunter. Fast and can do the miles
she is tiny and has done the miles but not sure if her heart will be into it but we will give her the chance she is fast and outgoing
Siberian husky
14.sid is going to train with us this year and see if he has what it takes to do the miles
Alaskan Husky
nick is another big tough guy that can make the miles not sure if he has the endurance to make it to the finish but he will train with us
Alaskan Husky
rouge is new to the kennel but so far even though he is very loud he can do the hours and ran the race before and did well so we have no worries for him

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