Monday, August 4

Not really sleeping well

to much gong through my head before next week

well it is 1:30 am and I am having a hard time sleeping. I went out tonight to runt he trails. the weather is getting cooler and the drive for me to get things done is becoming urgent. I can feel the change in the air and the dogs are starting to get the sparkle in their eye and they talking becoming stronger.

I know in the next few weeks The kennel will com alive again with the chaos of winter fever. So now we start the process of getting ready for the sledding season. I started tonight the kids and I started the quads and began to run the trails again to get a idea of how the trails are and whether we need to do any clearing for the first run of the seaon. I always like to do a trial run to check speeds and the miles of each trail. well it looks like the trail for the first few runs will work just fine and are ready to run. we did a small trail about 8 km or 6 miles there abouts. that will be a nice small run for the new dogs on line and the trail is nice and dry and we can travel easy.

it is exciting to think we are so close to starting our training. and unlike in years past the training will be hard on me more time structure for me. I am getting the plans redy for the race this year which means not only do the dogs have to get in shape but I myself have to prepare for a battle of physical and mental chellenge.

but I guess I will get intot hat more as the time draws closer. so for right now I start getting ready for training I wills witch the dogs back to the the performnace food that they will need to get them through the race/ after they have been on the new food for a week or so we will start working them alot harder and getting their bodies conditioned for the miles and then we will start to work on the muscle bulding.

so I have to be ready for this race by febuary 28th 2009

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