Wednesday, August 20

building a addition

well that last few days I havebeen very busy I am trying to get my cabin finished. because I have limited room to put a addition I have to keep the size as 10 foot in depth. so with the addition to the exsisting 10 x 10 we are putting on another 10x14 addition this will allow me to put in a good sized table and couch and a few other things so this will be nice that we will have a area that we can escape from the cold this winter.

I have been trying to get into the groove of things here but I seem to be struggling to get active. I have decided to try and stop smoking so I am tryign to fight all the issues I have with that. so I am staying away from the kennel as much as I can right now just for a couple of days until I can start to feel better. so the grooming and extras are on hold. I am hoping to get the rest of the harnesses done next week I am going to add more padding and reflector tape to all the harnesses I have now just incase I have to use them in the race.

I am asking santa to bring me some things for the race LOL the nice thing is I can use all of the things that I need for the race in our daily life. I have spoken to my uncle and he has agreed to help and get my axel welding onto my trailer now I have to get the extra axel and getting it all down to him in the next few weeks may be a bit a of a challenge but I will try my best between all the stuff I am trying to do right now I am not sure I am going to have time.

at lease now it is starting to cool down it was soo hot here for so many days one day it topped about 36-37 degrees this was horrible we spent the whole weekend just trying to keep the dogs cool. the dogs and I are ready for fall to come. I enjoy the summer but I hate the extreme heat it drives me a little crazy :-)

so I guess I will be away from the blog for a few days as I will try very hard to get this shell for the shed done. that way I can get the insulation and wood stove in and set up and ready for fall

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