Saturday, August 23

the first run of the season

well it was cool enough to get out and do the first run of the season and I hooked up 16 dogs and plotted our adventure

goal 7 miles speed to keep a even steady 15 km/hr no more no less I do not want to stress anyone out atthis point and I want the dogs to work steady at one pace later onIwill up the speed and endurance just right now I want to get out and see what everyone is running at this year. that way I can make up 3 groups
team A- the main team of runners the dogs that will be part of the race team .

Team B -is the team that is almost there but are good steady dogs that make great touring dogs and will still need the miles to do the tours this year and then

team c this group is the old gals and guys and the youngsters they are the ones that have earned the right to retire and the young ones learning from the wiser of the group :-)

this year I seem to have alot og younger ones I have a litter of 3 here that are about 1 1/2 now and ready to tour I think I produced a great tour team there which I started off to do with them they are sweet gentle hard pulling calm dogs that will take you through Fire if you ask them. but not really sure they would have the speed to to race .....but you never know.

the second litter I have they are almost a year now and they are bloody wild....I bred them for pure racing and yes they are that and more LOL. they seem to keep up to the speed to the first run of the season with out a problem I now will have to watch and make sure they are doing o.k over the endurance part of the training, they may be a bit young to race this year but as 2 year olds I expect major things from them.

ahh and then leaves my spoiled little brats we I planned this breeding for both racing and tours I have done a repeat breeding and a new breeding to produce some nice puppies and from experience with these lines I eiterh get fast hard working determined dogs or I get steady hard working determined dogs so I was hoping a few would make the race team and then a few would be able to do tours here with me.

it is supposed to stay a bit warm for the next few days but I am getting excited to get out team b to train I know I will have to take out my old guys too they are hating me right now they have not yet understood that they are not running this year. I want them to be there I want them to be my leaders I just can not let them I let them choose, last year and in the end their hearts and minds thought they could do more than they could.

so with a very heavy heart I retire cashe and elmo and maybe sally and smokey.
and yes maybe a few more but I have not quite given in to the fact they are completely done :-) I will try and train a ol timers team and keep them active and make them feel as special and as important as they really are to me.

so with that said I am struggling to find my self a leader to replace cashe. it is so hard I find myself comparing all the dogs to him and what he was able to do. and that is just wrong in so many ways. So I have a few hopefuls and I will try and start some gee haw traing in ina few weeks.
one of my kennel hands will not be here this season only on the weekends and I will see if the other girl is still coming if she is I will move her up to training some leaders for me too she has proved her worht by spending a season picking poo now she gets to move on to the good stuff.

and with her help I hope to have a few really well trained teams to choose from for the race.but with school soon aproaching I will have to wait for my hand to be here..........but I guess I should get to bed and make plans for tommorow.

nite sleep well and until tommorow

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