Friday, August 15

the weekend of pure heat

well I am not looking forward to this weekend it is supposed to be extremely hot.I always stay around with heat like this others go to the lake or other fun things but for me I am staying here I do not want to risk one of the dogs getting sun stroke and me not being here to help them.

although they are sitting in the trees in shade there is always that possibility so here I will sit :-) that is good in a way it will give me a chance to groom out some of the dogs they are almost done there summer blow out and a few still have some patches of old fur to come off. so I guess the plan today will be to groomout the dogs spend some time with them and get away from sewing for a bit. I do not mind the sewing so much it is just somehow I managed to pull a muscle in my back and now it is painful to sit too ling in one position, so sewing is not on my top list.

I have to get to the fire pit this weekend as well as I have put it off for a while to be quite hinets I am not looking forward to mixing the mortarI know if it is not mixed right I can end up with a pit that will be falling apart. that would not be so good.

so as I check emails I hear a motor outside and the dogs start to bark and howl it was the electrical company coming to read the meter only it is not the usual guy this was a service person he laughed and said the normal reader will not com out here because he is afraid of dogs and is concerned about being here. we just laughed and said all the dogs are in pens and not to worry so the service guy was not worried and said he would come he likes the dogs. I can understand the fear if someone coming here with a huge wave of dogs barking and howling. if he only realized they were all very friendly.

I can see the fire weeds are starting to bloom and that would put winteronly a month away I can tell from the dogs inthe kennel that I expect the leaves to start changing here in about 2-3 weeks the bush is starting to smell a bit different. I usually can feel the change inthe air and see the dogs reactions to when fall is approaching they get restless and little things start to bother them. yesterday whisper go nasty with the dog inthe kennel next to him which is odd and not his normal behavior so I will take him out today for awalk and get out some of his fall excitement.

I am going to start to change around the kennel soon and put the working dogs together in kennels close to the drop chains and move the older none working dogs to the pen beside the house. it is large and out of the way of all the excitement and noise. in summer i change the dogs around quite a bit so they all get a chance to bond with another dog.and then in fall and winter I change them again I like to put them with the dog they will be running with that way there is less socializing on the line for training and more focus onthe job ahead.

I will later to day put out my first draft of my training miles and proposed runs to give you a idea of how I plan to get the miles onthe dogs for training.

so now I am off to have a coffee sit on the deck enjoy a bit of sun before I get into the chores.

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