Wednesday, August 27

Running the puppies

Well to day was the day I got to run the "b" team that is the first run of "b" team that would be older dogs and puppies first time.

I only took out a small 10 dog team and ran only a couple of miles. the reason is I want the puppies to end the run in a positive end while they still want more.

I was so happy to run my Mainleader now retired this year he was taking out the puppies and I was completely at ease with him in lead I have to get used to others runing my teams but for now I will take any moment I can with my big boy.

the run started well I took quigley out for the first time and he was not so excited he had no idea what was going on and he was very scared. but I put him next to my older main dog and he did very well the whole run he cuddled the dog next to him and Kona the girl with him let him cuddle. the older gals and guys seem to do very well with the newbies they train them well give the babies a good base of confidence and comfort for their first run.

so I hooked the younger dogs up and put on their harness for the first time and hooked them to the line they looked very confused and all but one stood still and waited for what I asked them to do.

on girl I have been having problems with since hse was born she is not a dog I enjoy she is nothing but trouble I have a hard time liking her. she is a nice girl and runs well. but she digs escapes climbs screams howls bites is over all a pain and I am so tired of going to the kennel to deal with her. so I am going to train her and maybe find her a home that can appreciate her for all her wonderful quailites.

So I have watched the team running on the video I took and I have made a "a" team cut and now I have 16 dogs that are on team "a" and I still have dogs to run. I know some will come off the first team due to the miles I need them to go but at the moment I am happy they all are making the first cut.

so the run went well we came back everyone was happy and we had a great cuddle after and qugliy was very excited about the run I can say he was smiling he was wanting to keep going silly puppy :-) make for a happy owner when they want more.

so as of tonight I am happy with the teams. now In between all of that I am sanding down the sleds and I have to go and get some varnish to revarnish the sleds. I want to go and look for material for the dog sled bags as well if I have time I would like to sew some new ones for the sleds so we all match Love it when all the sled bags match.

so lots to do tommorow so I am going to head off and try and get into town early and I will try and upload the videos and pictures from the last coupsle of runs :-)

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