Sunday, August 31

nothing eventful

well I guess nothing too eventful has been happening here in the last couple of days. Iknow I am needing to get a bit more sleep and I am trying so very hard to get things done before wthe freeze comes. last night it forze and I was not really expecting it to get that low. I have to go and get my supply of straw yet. speaking of straw it is soo hard to find anyone that bales the square style straw anymore but one farmer still does it and he has made us dog sledders very happy. it is almost impossible to use the round straw bales in and out of the kennel. I have finished off fixing the dog house and I missed getting them painted this year which was on the list of things to do. but at this time I think finishing off the cabin and getting the horse shelter done is much more important. it is started and we are hoping to get this finshed in th enext couple days so I can get the hay out away.

so in the next couple of days I will head off and get the hay and straw for the winter. the dogs seems in good spirits they have had a nice break from the first run we did and in the next couple of days I start the fall training I always like to give a first run and then wait a bit for the next run. I have most of my training treats done now and are ready to go. so now I am ready for the full force of training. this year I will try and match and shadow another musher we plan to race together and his dogs have done it before and he is running faster dog than I am, so this will be a challeng for me to make sure that I am ablle to keep up with the speeds and distance with out pushing them too much. after running the pups that last time I am cursing how well tey did :-) it makes for a large pool of racing dogs to choose from. they all ran wonderful they enjoyed the run and I can see they left the line wanting more. they have progressed so nicely they are happy outgoing and have such good work ethic as well. I will try not to push them too hard this year if they are not mature enough to make the racing team I am sure they are going to do wonderful things working with the groups that have booked in this year for tours.

I have a couple of dogs that are new to the kennel here this year, they have had the summer to try and settle in and get used to what we do here. it has gone very well it now seems like the kennel have settled and all is happy with the new guys. I have brought in 4 dogs from another kennel a couple have run the race already andI hoep that they will show a bit of potential on race time. this year I am going to ask my handler to help me train a few more dogs for lead. I do not want to be out on the trail and find myself needing another trail leader. so if we can do this I hope to have at least 4-5 trail leaders on the team. so until I can get the kids off to school I am going to keep training low and slow once my schedule slows down I will pick up the pace and get the mile on the dogs.

last night I went outside and sat on the deck and enjoyed listening the the sound of the forest settle for thenight. the bird quiet and the animals settle for the evening. the air was cool and the smell of fall overtook my nose I love the smell of fall it is the one thing I missed when I lived overseas. My most favorite time is to have the cool ar smother me and then I look up and the black sky is lite up with the amazing site of the stars.they seem to lite the balck emptyness in the sky and fill it with life.

it as at moments like that I can not be thankful enough that I live where I do that I have the chance to experience all that nature has made. it brings life back down a bit and allow the mind to clear and breath again. I would have stayed out longer but I knew there was a vook with my name on it in side :-)I will try and get some fall pictures from aorunf the kennel as the trees start to turn their amazing colors.

so I guess that is life around here for the last couple of days I hope to have more to add in the next couple of days.


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