Wednesday, September 3

making the cabin

well this is going to be a quick entry as I am busy building the cabin. we have now completed the outside faming and sheathing. we now are woring on putting inthe wood stove and will be working on the inside walls. after we can complete that I will try and get some furniture int here so that the kids can relax by the fire on the cold days as I paint and set up the interior.

I have taken some pistures of it and I will upload them tonight after our work. I plan on getting out and running in the next week after I get the list up on the wall of the cabin I am almost done snading and varnishing the sleds and now have to go and get the material to sew new bags. the old ones are still in really good shape I just want some new designs for them I think their could be a better system for them.

the dogs are really restless today they have beenhowling on and off all morning. the wind is blowing and it is a very cold cutting wind. it would be a good day to run and who knows after the chores and working ont he cabin I may get out with a small 10 dog team to go for a run.

I just cannot wait to get the cabin done so I can move all my equipment and gear back to one spot once I get it all organised I will feel better at running and training. right now I have all my stuff sotred in many places as I took down the old tarp shed and all the gear I had stored is now everywhere in amnay sheds. so yes finishing the cabin is a must .

but I am off to help build and I will post again when we are done or I have more to share.