Monday, September 8

productive day

well a long hard working day here at the kennel.We have the insulation in and the plastic barrier in not it is simply adding the top walls. I did not get any wood today as I had hoed I was so busy working in side the cabin.I need to have alot of this done as my handler starts back this wednesday and I have a big list for her to do and learn this winter. after a year of picking poo here at the kennel we have bumped it up a bit for her. I am so proud of her she is so egar to learn I hope to teach her how to make ganelines harnesses and repair her equipment I will also take her throught he fundimentals of winter travel and all that is involved.

she will have lots to do her at the kennel when she gets back we have been lonely without her giggling and playing with the dogs. I have moved the kennel around since she was here and the dogs are in different kennels.

ao lots to do here inthe next day or too and I hope to have a update soon and a full post so I am beat and ready for bed it has been a very long day I hope to have more tommorow :-)


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