Sunday, September 7

the weekend plans

I regret to say that I have somehow wrecked my camera cord and until I can get to town to buy a new one I have no way of upolading pictures to post. frustrating I have 200 or so waiting.

well the weekend has gone well I have managed to get the wiring for the cabin don and now it is a matter of just getting it wired into the main power source. now that that is complete I can start to insulated the areas I need to and get that all done. I hope that this project can be done in the next few weeks as soon as it is dry for a few days I hope to get the out side painted time is running short on warm days. so this year it will get painted and next year we hope to have the log sideing ready to put up.small steps to making it a nice little warming cabin.

well I started getting ready for the tours yesterday. I am trying a new system this year in where I hook them up. instead of running chain along the side of each team as a drop chain I am putting a metal tie out post in the ground and hooking up a longer chain to it. that way I am able to sled rigth over top of it with out harming the sleds and still be able to hook up 4 6 dog teams and 2 12 dog teams.

My theroy is that we can eliminate all the chain and extra cost of trying to hook them up the other way and I can then alos hook up many teams at once and be able to walk away and not be concerned about then pulling the sled out.

I also have this year fence all around the staging area with gates that will allow mea bit od freedom to walk around with no worry that is a team gets loose I am not worring that I have to chase them 40 miles to get them back. this way if they do get loose the can only run in the fenced area.'

I have called about my straw and hay and the farmer is not around yet so I will try again tommorrow and see if I can get out and get it this week. my tarp shed where I want to keep them is done and so it will just be a matter of going and getting it. I have decided to get some hay as well this year in the square bales for easy lifting to the horses pen. so cros fingers I can get out there and get all of that and then I can get some more straw in the dog houses.

yesterday I went out and went along the feild and colected some trees that had fallen and got them back to the cabin to chop today. most of it will be used outside for the fire pit and I will wait until my husband is off work again to go and fall some of the dry trees we have scouted and I hoping that I will be able to get enough out of these 40 trees to last me the winter and spring.

but we got a few traile rloads and now I am going to go cut them today if I can find in which shed I put it away :-( I can loose tools in seconds LOL it frustrates my husband bad , and I can understand :-)so once I find the chain saw I will sharpen the axe and start chopping up the wood we have sitting here.

so not much happeing with the train yet I still have to find the time to get out. but I am hoping next week we will start I have a good solid 14 dog team picked out for the race and a good solid 3 teams for tours so I am really looking forward to that.

so that is it for now I will try and pots as soon as I can


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