Wednesday, October 21

october 21st 2009

Well this is going to be a quick update. I have so many other things that I have yet to do LOL.

we have the whole kennel in heat right now and it is got to be the nastiest time here for me . I moved all the girls into the heat pen and put them on tie outs. we have our begian running around here free and he is intact and I will not have any opps litters here. we are comfy where are with our numbers.

so the boys are on edge a bit with the kennel being just one big floating hormone LOL. but we are calming down now some are coming out of heat.

tommorrow we hope to get a team out late in the evening the tempatures have not been co operative with us lately we are verging on being a bit too warm.

as I suspected we are going to drop a couple of girls off the team halo is just not making the distances we want on a ongoing basis. she is great for a good distance stretch but her come back time is just there.

I am going to keep to the miles we are at right now as we have not been able to get out as much as I would maybe as the tempatures drop we can get out more. the business I started is booming and leaves me with such little time for much more but I will continue to struggle with getting the time to spend running the trails with the dogs.

even with the long times for hook up once on the trail the quiet moments of just watching the team run along wooded trails and the smell of the fall air just seems to push me on.

I do not think I could find a better love than that of my team and trail.

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yukonmusher said...

floating hormone, lol
yup us too, we were hoping to do a cuople breedings but I might have missed the mark on the ones I want pups from :(