Friday, October 30

Oct 30th 2009...The great snow fall

The snow is heavy tonight as I walked in the darkness to the kennels. It is incredibly warm this year teetering on the freezing mark. I stumbled along the path from memory to the small cabin I have here.

The spot where I have to go to plug in the yard lights. the dogs heard me coming and rosco (my yearling) is always the first to bark youth puts him in the front running of annoying barking for no apparent reasons. then as I get closer to the boys the true alert is let out ...Sid has started his alert that I am there and the once quiet kennel of fallen leaves rustling and pails clanking now become a orchestra of screams howls and barks.

I make my way through the trees listening to the ever growing talking of the dogs and plug on the lights.I am so glad my husband put these up for me they are huge industrial lights that shine out around the whole kennel and light it up with a soft light. This is my favorite part of feeding when the lights flicker showing just short bursts of light as they warm to the surrounding air and then like a grand entrance they burst on showing all that we could only imagine as we walk in the darkness.

wow the soft thick heavy wet snow flakes falling to the ground and clinging to anything that will hold them. The branches of the pine trees grow heavy with the weight of the ever growing snow flakes. I always like to sit for a minute and enjoy the untouched wightness of the new snow. breathing in the dampness of the air and feeling a sense of new and change. I am not sure I can describe the feeling that takes over me when we get the first snow.

after the moment of silence the dogs allow me they start to become restless again urging me on to the chores. I make my way over to the 3 plastic bins I have of dog food 3 kinds of food for the different categories the dogs fall into.

we have
senior- for the oldies here that can not enjoy the higher proteins and fat diets anymore

Adult- for the yearlings that are not working and for the dogs that are on diets

performance- for the main string of working dogs that need the extra fat and protein.

I loaded up the buckets I use for feeding and make my way through the maze of kennels. I have them set up so that they are with dogs that fit with each other and live well in harmony not for who is on what team . Which I would admit would make life so much easier for hook up time if I could place a whole team together:-)

I get the boys fed with no ,major issues and the kennel noise seems to be get less I make my way along the yearling boys searching for the feeding bowls in the snow that they use for play time after feeding, they always seem to take the longest to feed as they hide their bowls well LOL.

I get to the girls who thank god are starting to come out of heat and we have made it through yet another cycle with no problems. down to the last 10 girls the talking howling and barking seem tos be almost bearable now. when I reach the last bowl they chaos has ended all quietly eating the only sound I hear is that of the puppies at the house howling...they are so cute they are not sure what they are making noise for as they have full bowls but they are joining in learning to be big boys and girls :-)

so a fairly uneventful few days they weather is not allowing us to get out on the trails it is a soppy mess and the temps are above freezing and I am getting concerned that I may not get in the miles I need to compete a race.................

frustration is starting to linger on the edge here now, I am contemplating the time miles and ability of the reality of me being able to race. It will just break my spirit if I can not make it this year after years of trying to do this personal challenge I am beginning to think the road blocks along the way seem to be getting bigger and more of a concern.

but I guess I have rambled enough for this post LOL so Happy Halloween I hope you all have a safe weekend and look forward to the next post.

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