Monday, August 9

August 9th where did the time go?

Well I can not believe it has been almost a year since I have been able to get on here and jot down my thoughts.

We have been busy at work and I am trying very hard to multi task both kids work and dogs and horses and husband. I never really was much of a multi tasker so this is learning experience for me.

since my last post so many things have been going on our business in town seems to be steady now and I have been through a few employees trying to match a perfect one up for me. so far I have a new girl and she seems to be on the same energy level as I am and is a go getter so I hope this will turn out to be a good combination.

the dogs are looking great I have kept their weight to a nice consistency all summer which in years past I have allowed them to get heavy and spent the first months training just getting them back into shape.

we have downsized the kennel a bit and rehomed the dogs that were not able to do the miles I wanted. the worst part about doing that is that we end up parting ways with some good friends and K-9 bonds. as hard as it is I have final decided to listen to the elders of mushing a do what I need to to maintain a good healthy kennel and working relationship with the dogs.

we are trying a few different things this year as far as feeding and nutrition and I hope that we will see a nice improvement in there overall endurance. as far as racing goes this year well I am only going to attend one race and it is the one in Athabasca. it will be a stage race and approx 110km to the checkpoint and back again but this will give me a really good idea of whether or not I really want to race mid and long distance and weather my current line of dogs can do it with any success.

it should be a interesting year this year for our kennel so much going on here I am not sure where to even begin at times. I will do a small blog on the race we are planning here in this small community. it has been my dream since I started to run dogs to make a race that the mushers could not refuse to run.I am thrilled dto think we will be planning in the near future a Iditord and Yukon quest qua lifer here if we can make it through this years small attempt.

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