Sunday, August 15

rain and more rain

Well it seems for the whole summer it has been doing nothing more than rain.
some of the dogs have been moved so many times to try and keep them out of the puddles.

I must admit that if they did not dig trenches in amusement than there would be little water to contend with.

the kennel was alive today and has been for a week or so. they are starting to feel the change from the summer air to the gentle fall to autumn. I am concerned that with all this rain in summer we will not have much of a snowfall this year. which makes for easier training with the quad as we can run bigger teams but the fact we are trying to run a race this year in athabasca it concerns me a bit.

we have most of the trail set out now for the mid distance stage race and the sprinting race will be held on the river front. again another concern.....what if we do not have a good freeze and we can not run the river than the plans change dramatically and it will not be as effective of a race.

I guess time will tell and the worry I have now is a bit premature and I should spend more time thinking about things happening now.

I just wish the rain would let up so we could have a dry dog yard :-(

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