Sunday, August 22

the new pup on the team

well it was a bit warm to run but I headed out last night with a small team to run a pup and get a few back in stride.

I was thrilled that shilo the 1 year old has taken to sledding so much tail up and pulling his little heart out he did so well.

this was his second time in harness and the first time he showed signs of stress and I was not sure how he would respond to running this time. I put him next to a experienced dog and that seemed to make the difference for him he relaxed and just enjoyed the trip. so he has shown me his abilities to run now we just need to see if he can make distances as well.

our new Alaskan pups are growing like weeds and are full of beans they do not walk anywhere they run. I no longer could keep up to them walking so now I am taking them out by the quad. they are running their little hearts out at about 15km/hr already they are fast little girls and one in particular shows signs of extreme determination for running. so we will have to see how she does online. one little one likes to hang out with me all the time I am not sure if she just wants my company or she is not fast enough to keep up with the others, again we will watch and see what they are all up to.

I took out a young girl with me that works for me at the grooming shop and I am not sure if she is interested anymore in sledding perhaps more of a phase LOL...the noise gets a bit crazy for some people and either you love it or you hate it. I do think she is looking for ward to the sled and snow before she makes a comment.

so it was a quick run last night but it was fun. next time I want to take out some girls as well and get some weight off of them they blossomed over the summer :-(

well that is it for now I will chat later

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