Saturday, August 28

sick cold and raining

well today I am still battling a cold with no end in site. I crawled out of bed this morning and rayed to have my head stop pound nose running and throat hurting ....but it was not until mid morning did I even think I could go training.

but with a bit of encouragement from my husband I put on winter gear and dressed as warm as I could and headed outside. the dogs were full of spunk today. I had to run some new dogs to the line to see how they would make out. turns out I will not run cuddles again she is at her retirement I think she still has the desire to run but not far and not at any great speed.

shawnee crashed today on her first run. not totally but she was just o out of shape she could not make the short distance we were running. I will not rule her out yet as she did well on the runs last year so I will give her a few tries again this year. but so far I only have 2 spots to fill for my 12 dog team and 5 to choose from so slim pickings here for extras.

but I am sure we can get our miles up quick this year I am pushing them harder than I have before and most seem to respond very well to it. so I hope to be running to the cabin and back by the end of this month which will be 70 odd kms that would be nice to have those miles on them before the snow hits and we move to the sled

it has been raining none stop and the trails are filled with mud and water it was the first time for some of the pups to have to run right through the puddles vrs around them ...that was funny to watch finally they all caved and just ran through it. I hope the next obstacle will as easy.

that is all for now I am going to bed to nurse my head and dream of the trail and things to come

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